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5 stars 5
Dr. Jeff White does awesome work

5 stars 5
Excellent service, as a former Eye Care professional now retired, we would recommend their services to our patients is speciality eye Care. Has provided eye Care for my mother for 35 yrs.

5 stars 5
This was a point in my life where i have never been so scared. Not knowing what to expect, or how my vision would be. Dr. Fakadej was absolutely amazing. The entire staff was professional, personable, and answered any and all questions to put my mind at ease. I highly recommend this facility. You will be glad you did!!

5 stars 5
Wonderful care and treatment at Carolina Eye....all were outstanding with special recognition for Dr French and Dr Nicole Apple. Great at their professional expertise. I am fortunate to have them....

5 stars 5
Dr. White has performed two eyelid surgeries for me. The outcome for both has been great. He is a caring surgeon - reassuring and supportive. During the two surgeries Carolina Eye and the surgical center have both shown top-notch professionalism and care in providing the supporting services required during the surgical processes. I will definitely go to Carolina Eye for any future eye issues.