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5 stars 5
My double blepharoplasty went well. No pain, few after-effects, and I was surprised by how much more I could see during my first drive to Sinclair. Eventually I realized my stitches were not dissolving: the 4-year-old I care for looked at me and told me I had hair growing out of my eyes. I corrected her by saying those were my eyelashes. She replied, "No Granny Sue, they are lellow." Each time I called, the nurses were concerned and offered great suggestions for helping the stitches to dissolve. Nothing worked. I had to return to have my "undissolved" dissolvable stitches removed. Dr White and his folks were great! That pain was different from anything I have ever felt but I am very impressed with the care and professionalism espoused by all at Carolina Eye.

5 stars 5
They were wonderful!!! Told me exactly what they were going to do, made my visit very easy and no stress at all. I would recommend them to anyone.

5 stars 5
The staff and Dr Millender were all first rate and very professional .I had a lens replaced today and Im amazed at the difference in my vision already.Cant wait to get the other one done next week.Extremely happy!!UpdateWell now its been awhile and I can see very well the problem now is the facility.Ive paid these people over 19,000 and they put me in a collection agency for 700 which I have no idea what its for.You pay and pay and pay !!Be Careful they are not truthful !!

5 stars 5
I recently underwent cataract surgery on both eyes at Carolina Eye Associates in Southern Pines.Dr Anna Fakadej performed both surgeries and the results are nothing less than miraculous. I now have 20/15 vision in both eyes.Dr Fakadej took the time to clearly explain the procedure and expected results in our pre-op visit. She answered all of my questions and made me feel comfortable about the surgeries.In post-op visits she addressed any questions that I had to my complete satisfaction. I found it very easy to talk to her.I highly recommend Dr Anna Fakadej at Carolina Eye Associates in Southern Pines.

5 stars 5
Recently l had blepharoplasty surgery. Dr White and his staff were amazing. From the very first day l walked into his office up until the last day of my visit l truly received the utmost respect from both him and his staff. Even thou l am still in the final stages of my procedure my experience with healing has been coming along very nicely with less bruising and less swelling. I would strongly recommend Dr White and his staff because of his professionalism plus they took the time to listen and they treated me with amazing respect.