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5 stars 5
I recently had cataract surgery with PanOptix lens implants. Surgery was performed by Dr. French. My complete experience could not have been better. Each staff person gave full awareness to my needs. Scale of 1-10, they are a perfect 10!

5 stars 5
I have been a patient of Dr. Messner for approximately 9 years. He has treated me for glaucoma and did cataract surgery on both eyes. I have been very satisfied with his knowledge and especially his professionalism. He is to the point and explains conditions well. I give Dr. Messner a 5 star rating!

5 stars 5
Great doctor. went beyond my expectations. Highly recommend.
5 stars 5
Dr. Mincey and his staff are some of the most polite, professional people I have ever met. Though, I don't like my eye disease, I am blessed that it led me to meet these wonderful folks. They are fast, efficient, and always smiling. I would give 1 billion stars if I could.I don't know what all these other people who gave 1 star are griping about. Must be the same folks who curse at the pharmacy, grocery store clerk, or send back their steak numerous times at the restaurant. Extremely hard to please.Just wanted to throw that in there. There is absolutely nothing bad that can be said about the team and Carolina Eye.

4 stars 4
I love these doctors I am A very picky person These doctors care about you They did my surgery and I had no problems Those that complain about these doctors need to reevaluate their visits and not bad mouth these doctors.They are great doctors!