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5 stars 5
My Dr. and his staff were excellent

4 stars 4
Father went today. 830am check in and he went back at 1130am after 3 different check ins. Out at 1pm, went back to check pressure at 145pm and gone at 230pm. Dr. Shah was quick and to the point.
5 stars 5
Been going here since i was 14 years old and nothing but exceptional staff as well as Doctors ... a love everyone there !!

5 stars 5
When I first saw Dr French in 04/2018 I could only see shadows with my right eye. I had a very bad eye ulcer that had taken about 4 months to heal. I had been told by doctors at Duke that I would need 3 to 4 surgeries and it would take 5 to 6 years to heal. I asked for a referral to somewhere other than Duke as I just was not satisfied there. I was referred to Dr French. After his staff completed many test he said I needed 3 surgeries but he thought they could be done all at one time with the healing complete in about 2 years. 7/2/18 I had a corneal transplant, cataract surgery and a blood clot removed. In 1/2019 he started taking out the stitches. Today 8/9/2019 was my last appt with my vision at 20/30. The staff has always been great, the wait was never really bad and Dr French was excellent at explaining ever step from the beginning to the end. The trip to see Dr French was about 3 hours and 15 minutes. I would do it all again! Dr French and staff are the VERY best! *****(5)STARS

5 stars 5
Very confident in Dr Fakadej. She improved my vision tremendously after glaucoma surgery.