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5 stars 5
Been in the place numerous times and they seem to do good work and the staff is pretty nice and considering they do a great job on people eyes they see better afterwards my gma and aunts have visited them in the past and they saw better

4 stars 4
Our experience was good over all.I am concerned tho.Why would an eye tech tell the patient that had pink eye / conjunctivitis, and that the antibiotic eye drops wouldn't help that...EVERYONE else has said the opposite. They Sent sent home "tears" drops. Water basically.Had to go to urgent care a day later.Maybe ther is a good reason.I just hope it wasn't to get payed for 2 visits rather than 1. I've seen that before.Nice gals, very kinda and patient.

5 stars 5
Very nice people Humble willing and able to help. Thank you so much !

5 stars 5
This place is horrible.... You will be waiting hours!!!!!! Go somewhere else!!!!!

5 stars 5
I cannot say enough positive comments about Carolina Eye Associates! My experience there has been with four doctors: Dr. White, Dr. Harris, Dr. French, and Dr. Apple. All four have been wonderful and very professional in caring for my eye health. I recently had cataract surgery and had excellent care. Dr. French was very professional and patient in his explanations about the procedure. I am thankful for this high-quality facility in the Pinehurst/Southern Pines area.