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4 stars 4
This is my eye doctor. The only reason I gave it a 4-star is because I injured my cornea once and couldnt get it in for an emergency appointment. It was so painful and I couldnt see out of one eye. Terrible experience and I had to wait hours before they could see me. Dr. Inman was shocked that I had come in so late. The issue was a quick fix and I felt better the next day.

5 stars 5
I had eye lid surgery by Dr. Whie approximately a year ago. I waited to make a post because I wanted to be sure things turned out like they should. Dr. White was very prompt and professional. His work was the best! I have had so many compliments on how natural my eyes appear. You can't even telli have had them fixed. He did a beaitiful job! Thank you and your staff for your great job.

5 stars 5
I have had excellent experiences and results with Dr. White for more than 10 years. Eyelid surgery, including skin grafts, closing MOHS surgery and all have been very successful.

5 stars 5
All the staff very nice and helpful.

5 stars 5
They are fast and very professional. Very friendly and caring staff. Thanx everyone for caring!