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Did you take your eyedrops today?

By: Anna Fakadej, M.D. The importance of eye medication adherence can’t be stressed enough. Adhering to eye medication can help keep your eyes healthy and protect your vision for long-term eye health and a better quality of life. Part of medication adherence is knowing what to take, when to take it and how to follow… Read More

Ocular Hypertension

By Daniel Messner, M.D.Glaucoma Specialist at Carolina Eye Associates, P.A. Let’s say you go to see your eye doctor for what you expect to be a “routine” eye checkup. Perhaps you wear glasses and your distance vision could be better. Perhaps you are in your mid-40’s and you are having trouble seeing up close or… Read More

Curing Blindness Internationally: Cataract Specialist at Carolina Eye Resumes Humanitarian Work Post COVID

In late February 2020, Anna Fakadej, M.D., a Cataract Specialist at Carolina Eye Associates, was scheduled to travel to Ethiopia to perform pro-bono eye surgeries and treat patients in underdeveloped areas. Two days before her scheduled departure, the trip was cancelled due to the growing COVID-19 pandemic. Despite hopes that COVID-19 would dissipate within weeks,… Read More