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Ocular Hypertension

By Daniel Messner, M.D.Glaucoma Specialist at Carolina Eye Associates, P.A. Let’s say you go to see your eye doctor for what you expect to be a “routine” eye checkup. Perhaps you wear glasses and your distance vision could be better. Perhaps you are in your mid-40’s and you are having trouble seeing up close or… Read More

Curing Blindness Internationally: Cataract Specialist at Carolina Eye Resumes Humanitarian Work Post COVID

In late February 2020, Anna Fakadej, M.D., a Cataract Specialist at Carolina Eye Associates, was scheduled to travel to Ethiopia to perform pro-bono eye surgeries and treat patients in underdeveloped areas. Two days before her scheduled departure, the trip was cancelled due to the growing COVID-19 pandemic. Despite hopes that COVID-19 would dissipate within weeks,… Read More