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Same-Day Cataract Surgery

A convenience and courtesy for our patients

At Carolina Eye Associates, we offer same-day cataract surgery at our Pinehurst/Southern Pines and Greensboro locations as a convenience to our patients who are traveling a long distance to our clinic for quality care. For these patients and their family members, this option allows them to have to only travel and be out of town for one day.

Is Same-Day Cataract Surgery right for me?

Same-day cataract surgery is not the right fit for everyone. If you choose same-day cataract surgery at Carolina Eye Associates, you will have your eye exams, special testing, and paperwork done the same day of your scheduled surgery. This results in spending 7+ hours at our clinic that day. We recommend this option to patients who are traveling from further away and may not want to drive an hour or more, 2-3 times for their appointments, as well as physically able to spend all day in our clinic

For our patients who live close to our Southern Pines/Pinehurst and Greensboro locations, we do not recommend same-day cataract surgery. We recommend having your eye exams, testing, and paperwork done at a separate appointment than your scheduled cataract surgery. This decreases your time spent in our clinic each appointment.

Same-day cataract surgery is not a better or worse surgical option. The choice to have same-day cataract surgery is about convenience for the patient and their family members. Ultimately, only the patient can determine if same-day surgery is the right option for them.

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