I am very pleased with my LASIK surgery by Dr. French . I have worn glasses or contacts since I was 11 years old and I am now 38. Photography is a hobby of mine and after the LASIK my photos are sharper and the images clearer – much better than I was getting with my contacts and glasses.

I just love everyone at Caroline Eye. Everyone was great and I can’t say enough about them!

Elizabeth Garner


Dr. John French saved my sight! When I went to him with a corneal ulcer I couldn’t see out of my eye, four months later my sight is 20/30! Dr. French had a way of relaying information without making me worry. He was always available to answer questions and was very supportive of both me and my husband. He is a super doctor with a great bedside manner and I would recommend him to anyone!

Mary Salemme


Every morning I look in the mirror and I see myself 10 years ago….young and refreshed.  Very happy with my eyelid procedure and my surgeon Dr. Jeff White!

P. Higgins


I was nervous to have blepharoplasty treatment performed on my lower eyelids.  Dr. White made me feel relaxed and I am very pleased with the results.

Marcie Ballard


Since my LASIK procedure I am completely out of contacts and glasses. A short procedure and the next day I was seeing better than 20/20!

Logan Beck


Immediately after my cataract surgery my vision went from dull and cloudy to sharp and clear. My golf game greatly improved because I was better able to read putts and judge distance better with my new advanced technology lenses!

Doug Sajewich


LASIK was quick, easy, and pain free. No longer do I have to waste precious time fumbling for my glasses or worrying over my contacts.

Claire Monroe


After 30 years of glasses and contacts I decided to have cataract surgery with Advanced Technology Replacement Lenses. These lenses have enabled me to drive a car and see my computer screen!

Toni Goodrich


Today I can read a book without glasses and still see distance. What more can I ask for! Thanks Carolina Eye, for my cataract surgery and new advanced technology lenses,

Mary Willis


Carolina Eye performed eye surgery on Krystyn Johnson’s enlarged irregular pupil. Click here for the full story.

I could not believe the results immediately following surgery. Krystyn’s iris was exactly the same as it was prior to the cataract surgery six years ago. Krystyn was overjoyed with the results and anxious to get back to school to show off her new eye.

Crystal and Krystyn Johnson


Everyone is professional at Carolina Eye Associates, and I do not feel rushed. My doctor discovered I had a macular hole and explained details very well in regards to my macular hole repair.

Lois Millikan



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