What is Presbyopia?

May 8th, 2015 by Carolina Eye Associates

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Presbyopia does sound frightening but it is the loss of the ability to see at near. Usually this is a

gradual process beginning around the age of 40 for most people and worsening over the years.

Symptoms of presbyopia include difficulty seeing up close particularly in dim light. Also,

presbyopia can cause a delay in focusing from near to far and far to near quickly. People will

notice this primarily when working on a near task such as sewing or needle work but also on the

computer or e-reader.

Presbyopia is very common…a billion people world wide have presbyopia.

Initially, most people start using reading glasses or transition to bifocals. There are different

types of bifocals. “No line” bifocals gradually increase magnification as you look down. Some

people really like this style. However, this style has some distortion which some people have

trouble getting used to seeing. Other options are “lined” bifocals or trifocals. Some people opt

for a pair of distance glasses and a pair of near glasses.

Surgical options for the correction of presbyopia include removal of the human lens and placing

a presbyopic correction implant. Many people opt for this option at the time of cataract

surgery, which may decrease the dependence on glasses, possibly for the first time in patients

lives. There are two categories for presbyopia correction implants.

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