Carolina Eye Implants New FDA Approved Intraocular Lenses

April 16th, 2014 by Carolina Eye Associates

Carolina Eye Implants New FDA Approved Intraocular Lenses

Carolina Eye Associates patient, Mary Willis from Troy, NC, was the first patient to receive the new Trulign® Toric replacement lens for cataract surgery.  “My time for cataract surgery was near.  I had an appointment with Carolina Eye Associates, cataract surgeon, Anna Fakadej, MD, about a year ago. At my last eye examination she informed me there was a special lens that would soon be on the market to accommodate my astigmatism.  I agreed to wait until the lenses where available before having my cataract surgery.  Shortly thereafter in the fall of 2013 Dr. Fakadej called me and said the lenses were available,” says, Mary Willis.

“The Crystalens® and Trulign® are known as accommodating replacement lenses for cataract surgery. Currently these lenses are the only FDA approved intraocular lenses (IOLs) that use a method called accommodation, enabling sharper vision at multiple distances. The Trulign® IOL is a toric version of Crystalens®; it is the first of its kind to provide both accommodation and astigmatism correction. All IOLs for cataract surgery replace the eye’s natural lens, which is removed during a procedure. But an accommodating IOL such as the Crystalens® or the Trulign® Toric shifts position with the action of eye muscles and movement to improve eyesight. Cataract surgery has so many more options today in regards to lenses and the majority of my patients with astigmatism choose a toric lens and are very satisfied,” stated, Dr. Fakadej.

Mrs. Willis commented recently, “Dr. Fakadej performed the cataract surgery with the new lens on my first eye in late December, 2013 and the other eye in late March of 2014.  Today I can read a book without glasses and still see distance.  What more can I ask for!”

About half of the population develops a cataract by age 65, and nearly everyone over 75 has at least one. Sharp, clearer vision is important as 90% of baby boomers now use computers and 82% still drive. If you need more information on cataract surgery or other eye diseases visit or 910-295-2100.

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