7 treatments for dry eye

June 11th, 2015 by Carolina Eye Associates

Dry eye is extremely common. Symptoms include blurry vision especially when concentrating,

for instance, on the computer, TV or a book. Also, people may feel that the eyes burn, itch, or

feel like something is in them. Sometimes the eyes are red and the lids are swollen. Even

watery eyes are a symptom of dry eyes! Watering usually occurs as the eyes try to moisturize

themselves. Here are some treatments for dry eye.

1) Drink more fluids. If you are dehydrated, your eyes may be dry so drinking fluids may


2) Take breaks from near tasks such as reading or using the computer.

When you perform near tasks, your blink rate goes down and your eyes may dry. Blinking is

stimulates basal tears and spreads them over the eyes.

3) Lid scrubs and warm compresses. Clean your eyelids daily with baby shampoo or

a commercially available eye wash to remove any irritating debris. Warm compresses

should NOT be HOT!! Do not burn your skin! Warm compresses can stimulate the oil glands

that line your eyes to secrete oils to lubricate the eyes. Your doctor may also be able to

perform an in office procedure to clean your lids and stimulate your oil glands. Ask your

doctor about these procedures.

4) Nutriceuticals. These are nutrient formulas that are specifically designed to increase

your eyes hydration and decrease inflammation around the eyes. Ask your doctor about

products that are available.

5) Artificial tears, gels or ointments. These are products available without a

prescription to lubricate your eyes. Ask your doctor about products that may be available.

6) Punctal plugs. These are inserted by your doctor in the tear ducts that drain your natural

tears from your eyes. By doing this, the tears that you make stay on your eyes longer. Ask

your doctor about plugs.

7) Medical procedures to open the oil glands. These are procedures that open the oil

glands to allow the oils to flow more freely onto the eyes to help prevent evaporation of the

tears so the tears that you make stay on your eyes longer. Ask your doctor about these


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or ask your doctor about dry eyes.


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